In Ambulance

The paramedics from Leśna Góra hospital are the main characters of this TV drama. Each episode introduces a story of a new patient, which is based on real medical cases. Human health and life are always at stake.

Wiktor, Martyna, Adam and Piotr, members of ambulance crew, every day answer distress calls. They are constantly living on the edge, as everyday they are taking risky decisions and fighting for patients’ lives. Without detailed examination, diagnosis and access to all medicaments, they must keep patients alive till their arrival to the hospital.

What happens when a paramedic closes the ambulance door and turns on the lights and sirens, as the crew leaves with a patient to the hospital? Whose decisions are on top, whose actions decide about life or death?

Each 20-minute long episode of “In Ambulance” is full of action and brings adrenaline rush to 3 million viewers!

Original release: 12 February 2014 | Running time: 20 minutes | Producers: Tadeusz Lampka, Stanisław Szymański | Directors: Krzysztof Kasior, Leszek Korusiewicz, Grzegorz Waller | Writers: Robert Mąka, Kacper Szymański, Monika Sitek, Dominik Matwiejczyk, Piotr Subbotko, Bartosz Blaschke, Dorota Jankojć-Poddębniak | Main cast: Wojciech Kuliński, Dariusz Wieteska, Monika Mazur, Konrad Darocha, Tomasz Piątkowski, Agata Załęcka, Lea Oleksiak