John Paul II. I Kept Looking for You...

“John Paul II. I Kept Looking for You...” is a feature documentary about life and message left by John Paul II. The movie presents special role John Paull II has played in the world and Catholic Church history.

During filming were featured unique archive footage of John Paul II from the collections of CTV, RAI, LUCE, MEDIASET, the Vatican Film Archive, the Polish National Film Archive, WFDiF, TVP, the Film Documentation Department of the Jagiellonian University, PAP, the Episcopate of Poland, and footage from various private collections.

Narrated by: Krzysztof Ziemiec | Producers: Tadeusz Lampka, Stanisław Szymański | Writers: Jarosław Szmidt, Mariusz Wituski | Director and cinematography: Jarosław Szmidt | Music: Michał Lorenc | Production management: Agnieszka Karpowicz, Michał Walczak | Montage: Konrad Styczeń | Sound: Tomasz Dukszta | International coordination and consulting: Krystyna Maria Mikulanka | 2nd Director: Magdalena Molak-Szmidt | Recordings: Rafał Paczkowski | Production: Artrama Sp. z o.o. | Distribution: Studio Interfilm Sp. z o.o.